2015 Autumn Seminar (write-up)

This is the writeup for the Nada yoga with Rajesh David from Mandala Yoga Ashram.

This seminar was held on November 21st 2015 at Rixton with Glazebrook Community Hall,  Manchester Rd, Rixton, near Warrington.

“Before we make music, music has made us”

Rajesh helped us explore the vibrations in our own bodies and in nature with a variety of explanations, techniques and yoga practices.  The ultimate aim being to resonate and become one with universal sound. Rajesh explained that Om is therefore THE symbol of Nada Yoga, the root of all sounds. Rajesh patiently encouraged us to learn and practice a number of musical scales and to try to internalize sounds using mantra, postures and mudras. The day included harmony & balance in postural work, chakra sensitisation using Indian musical scales and bija mantra and the importance of rhythm in Nada Yoga.

We practised Yoga Nidra and Rajesh spoke of developing a practice of meditation using sound.

2016 - Nada Yoga Photo
Nada Yoga techniques lead to an increasingly refined tuning of our perception. Tthe resonance produced by our vocal sounds have the potential not only to energise our body & mind, but also to heighten our awareness of the Chakras.

Rajesh presented the seminar with great warmth and charm. He made some complex concepts accessible to the audience. His own singing voice, which he wowed us with during the final relaxation, was so beautiful that it really was the icing on the cake of an thoroughly informative and fun day.


Judith Lynch (ED.)