Calling all Cyta teachers and student teachers.


Do you need inspiration in your teaching?




We are a small group of CYTA teachers who felt it might be a good idea to get together informally, usually on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month, to share ideas, resources and experiences. So far we have met a number of times at Wilmslow and we think that mixing with other practitioners has helped inspire and motivate us in our teaching.


We are sure there are other teachers AND student teachers amongst you who would enjoy and benefit from this opportunity to meet, chat and practise with like-minded people. The aim is to be broad-ranging, covering all aspects of yoga teaching. For example lots of discussion of varying ways to put over to students posture practice, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation. And also a chance to share practical ideas and experiences in lesson planning, student consultation, class management, venues and promotion.


Of course each of us has our own style of teaching but we can all learn new approaches and then mix it up and get creative to further develop our teaching and practice.


“An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements.”

James Webb Young”


Please note, as this is a very informal group, there is no particular structure to the meetings. Contributions are valued but you will not be expected to demonstrate or lead the group from the front, unless you wish to.


Why not come along and give it a go.


The next get-togethers will be:


June 7th and July 12th at 1.30 – 3.15pm. Please note there will NOT be a meeting in August. It is held in the upstairs activities room at Wilmslow Methodist Church, Water Lane, Wilmslow.


There is a nominal charge to cover the room booking, dependent on number of attendees. So far this has been between £2 and £5 per session.



Diana Davidson, Margaret Woodworth, Judith Lynch, Jackie Brown, Anne Goldstraw