Privacy Policy for the website

This site does not have a facility to collect user data (web forms,comments etc), the information published on this site relating to members of CYTA is the only data the site Content Editor holds on the individuals.

CYTA may hold further data on members and if you have a request regarding this information it should be directed to the General Secretary Sue Hargreaves.

Data published on this site may also be made available to other sites eg. Facebook etc.

If you wish to email CYTA we will retain the email indefinitely for our records unless you state in the email that you wish us to erase it.

Our server provider Fast Hosts Internet Limited may collect data for the purpose of improving security and performance. They can be contacted at for their policy.

If you require amendments or deletion of information published on this site please contact the content editor Christopher Smith. 

For information about the Cheshire Yoga Teachers Association(CYTA) please contact Sue Hargreaves.

3rd November 2018